The "Pooping Puppy" Candy Dispenser Pattern

The "Pooping Puppy" Candy Dispenser Pattern

The "Original" Pooping Puppy Candy Dispenser was cleverly designed to dispense small, hard, round candies such as M&M's and Skittles. Simply pushing down on the puppy's nose will raise his tail and release a few candies to the joy and delight of the recipient.

You are purchasing the pattern and an instruction video in order to make your own "Pooping Puppy" and not a finished product.
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    After your purchase, you will receive two instantly downloadable pdf files. One of the files is the pattern and the other file is a link page to the video instructions on Youtube. The written plans are full color and full size for easy printing. The video covers every aspect of making your puppy and should be watched in it's entirety prior to making your puppy.

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I am an affiliate member and I do make a small commision on each sale which helps support this website.

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