Horse Head, Personalized Ornament Pattern

Horse Head, Personalized Ornament Pattern

Don't forget your big friends, they like the holidays too! Decorate their stall with an ornament with their name on it. You might want to stack cut two of these, one for the tree in your stall as well.

To Personalize your ornament, type the appropriate information (name of the person/ animal and or year)to be added to your ornament in the comment box below.

When your pattern has been completed, usually within three days, it will be emailed to you as a .pdf file for easy printing.

If you use a Laser cutter or CNC unit, you can request an .svg file below at no additional cost. Leave your request in the comment box below.

These ornaments are 5" in diameter to make the details easier to cut out. The shorter the names the easier your ornament will be for you to cut.

If you have any questions prior to ordering send me an e-mail
  • Details

    Approximately 5" in diameter not including the hook hump. The hook kump adds approximately 1/2" to vertical measurement.