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Hello, and welcome to my Scroll Saw Paradise (SSP) website. I'm Bob Bloodworth (That handsome guy to your right!) the creator and operator of this SSP website and SSP YouTube channel.


It was time for me to upgrade the old website, so this is where I am spending the majority of my time lately. By no means am I a website designer, so this is slow going for me. This site is far from being complete, but I went ahead and made it live. My thought process is that you might be able to help me find glitches or typo's that I might have missed during the building process. I do have quite a bit done that I think is worthy for you to visit, there are also parts that are not so ready, so it equals out.


I ask for your patience, it may take me a while to finish this new website, but in the meantime, please enjoy what is now available. Moreover, should you happen to run across any errors or if you have any suggestions as to content I could add, go to the contact tab and send me a note, I will appreciate your contribution.


Bob Bloodworth


Bob Bloodworth

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