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One for the Grandparents!

Grandparents Image
Grandparents scroll saw pattern

To save this pattern, right-click on it and click "save image as" from the drop down menu. 

Intarsia Butterfly

Intarsia Butterfly

This is a great pattern for the first or second time Intarist. If you have always wanted to try intarsia but felt a bit intimidated by it, this pattern and my Basic Intaria Seashell video series will make you feel comfortable with trying Intarsia for the first time. Intarsia can be much easier and does not require as many extra tools as you may think. 


If you are already an Intarsia Guru, than this pattern is also for you, this quick and simple pattern can be knocked out in an afternoon. Women love butterflys which makes this pattern a nice little profit maker.

Owl Scroll Saw Pattern


This Baby Owl portrait pattern is a pretty simple pattern that any scroller should be able to cut regardless of skill level. Cutting this with a small spiral blade will give this pattern a rustic and more out-doorsy look and feel, while a flat blade will produce a cleaner and sharper look and feel. Either way this baby owl will make a great gift, or saleable item, for any Owl lover.



Santa Scroll Sa Pattern


This pattern looks best when it is cut using  flat blades  for sharp clean lines and 1/8 (3mm) or 1/4" (6mm) thick Baltic Birch plywood . This pattern needs to be printed out at a size of at least 11"x13" which makes it much easier to cut. Printing at this size will require at least 2 sheets of paper. When cutting this pattern you will cut out the black part of the pattern. Backerboards can be made from  spray painted plywood or plexi-glass using the thickness and color of your choice. When using plexi-glass as a backer, spray paint one side and face the painted side towards the wall facing away from the Santa, this will give you a backer that adds extra depth to your project. 

























Can you fix stupid?

This pattern can be a stand alone desk plaque or made to hang on a wall. This would look great in Natural wood or painted to what ever colors you would like. A nice hardwood would work well as a 3/4" thick stand alone desk plaque or 1/4" plywood painted and hung on the wall whatever you decide to do with it, as long as it's not stupid, cus you can't fix it! :-) 






















Happy 4th

This pattern is designed to to be a stand alone desk plaque made out of a wood of your choice. I would suggest a nice hard wood such as Walnut or Maple that is a minimum of 1/2" thick, 3/4" or thicker works best. You could cut a 1/8" or 1/4" piece of contrasting wood and glue it behind the USA letters to really make them pop, or you could paint three different pieces of 1/8" plywood red, white and blue as well.
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